Design & Development

Whether you are inventing something new or perfecting an existing product, our innovative, world class designers are here to assist and advise you on every step of the process. We rely on years of experience and lateral solutions to ensure the most cost-effective and efficient means of production, often exceeding our customer expectations.

Progressive Components is currently running the latest design and development programs such as Master Cam, Edgecam and Autocad.

3D Printing

3D Printing technology makes it feasible to create injection moulded prototypes on-site in just hours, from design to test product thus giving you a visual and tangible sample of the end component. This ensures better accuracy, shortens turn-around time and ultimately cuts costs.

Go from design to production with confidence!


Mould Design

Our experienced designers will use your product idea or drawing to design a mould which will meet, and often exceed, your required specifications. Uncompromised care and attention to detail in conjunction with the latest Master Cam technology will ensure a perfect mould design and the manufacture of your product in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Mould Manufacturing

Progressive Components’ modern tool room is well equipped to handle all work in-house including Master Cam 3D modelling, tool design and development. Prototype components and moulds are also undertaken. We have highly qualified, experienced toolmakers to manufacture quality moulds according to customer specifications. The moulds we manufacture include injection moulds, blow moulds, jigs and fixtures, single-cavity, multi-cavity, hot runner, thin wall moulds and various soap dies for the soap industry. All moulds are manufactured using only the highest quality tool steel and fittings, and whilst in our possession are serviced at no cost to yourself.

At Progressive Components our quality workmanship ensures repeat business.


Progressive Components’ immaculate manufacturing plant is well equipped with injection moulding machines ranging from 25 tons to 368 tons with shot weights from 32 grams to 1.1kg. The machines are PLC controlled ensuring consistent moulding parameters. We specialize primarily in the production of electronic, security, access control and automotive components but also manufacture products for the medical, utilities, sporting, mining and point of sales industries. We also produce thin wall moulding of containers for the packaging and catering industries.

Components are run in various materials such as ABS, polycarbonate, nylon, glass-filled nylon, styrene, acrylic, polypropylene, monprene, neoprene and polyurethane, to meet customer and regulatory requirements. With our years of experience we are able to best advise on which material is suitable for each job. All tooling is cooled via water chillers ensuring that constant tool temperatures are maintained.

The majority of our customers require virgin materials for their products however, in line with the current sustainable mind-set, recycled materials are utilized where possible. All waste materials from our factory are collected by the respective recycling collectors.